Java and Scala Dynamic Load of a Class

I was in the need to dynamically create a Object from the Database and execute a method to run a task. This object can be different based on the requirements from user input.

  * Handle Execution returned from database
  * @param ex
  * @param text
  * @param sender
def handleExecution(ex: Execution, text: String, sender: Sender): Unit = {

  if (ex.execution.split(":").size == 3 ) {
    val cname = ex.execution.split(":")(1)
    val fname = ex.execution.split(":")(2)

    try {
      val theclass = Class.forName(cname).newInstance().asInstanceOf[TExecutionService]

      if (theclass.isInstanceOf[TExecutionService]) {
        val output =
        Logger.debug("Output from " + cname + ".run " + text + " -- " + output)
        handleOutput(output, sender)
    } catch {
      case exception: Throwable => {
        Logger.debug("Error in HandleExecution " + ex + " with exception " + exception)
        throw exception


Although Scala is a Typed Language it was not difficult to assure that I would have a run method for the returned class and execute this code dynamically.



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