Select ComboBox two way binding in Angular 2

This is a note for me or anyone that needs it…

providers: [CategoryService],
template: `
Add uma Category


Parent Category

*ngFor=”let p of categories” [value]=””[attr.selected]=” == category.parent_id”>

<button (click)=”add()”>Save</button>
<button (click)=”goBack()”>Back</button>

Basically this makes the item from a parent category select onclick and onchange and when rendered the selected attribute will equal the value of category.parent_id

attr accesses all the attributes of the Element and it has a property binding so the value of the resulting evaluation of == category.parent_id will set it’s selected attribute value.

category: Category = {id:0, name: “”, description: “”, parent_id:0};

Also on the component I have

getCategories() : void {
this.categoryService.getCategories().then( res => this.categories = res);

To show all categories on the category select combobox

ngOnInit pulls the categories

ngOnInit() : void {
this.getCategories(); // <–
// (+) converts string ‘id’ to a number
.switchMap((params: Params) => this.categoryService.getCategory(+params[‘id’]))
.subscribe((category: Category) => this.category = category);





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