Search vs List all in Angular 2

Handling search and the List of all items in Angular 2 in the same Component

Using the tutorial of Angular 2 for hero search was the base for this, although I wanted that the same table to show the All the items when the search was inactive without having to do a new component (one for searching and another one for listing all products).

On the template I setup the call of the enableSearch and disableSearch events

<input id=”search-box” (keyup)=”enableSearch()” [(ngModel)]=”searchValue” />
<button (click)=”disableSearch()”>clear search</button>

the enableSearch is fired on keyup meaning someone is starting to search for a name or keyword.

the disableSearch is fired on click of the button “clear search”

I used the two way binding of searchValue so I can clear the searched text when I disable the search

In the component method enableSearch I set a flag searchEnable = true and setup the Observable relation to this.products this way if the search is Enabled I wont set it up again and kill the observable with this new call.

products: Observable<Product[]>;
private searchTerms = new Subject<string>();

parents : Product[];

selectedCategory: Product;

db: Product[];

searchValue : string = ”;

private searchEnabled:boolean = false;

Initially I make the call for the full items list using getProducts

ngOnInit() :void {
this.products = this.productService.getProducts();

When the search is enabled by the keyup event this is executed

    enableSearch() {
if (!this.searchEnabled) {
this.products = this.searchTerms
.debounceTime(500)        // wait for n ms pause in events
.distinctUntilChanged()   // ignore if next search term is same as previous
.switchMap( term => term   // switch to new observable each time
// return the http search observable
// or the observable of empty products if no search term
: this.productService.getProducts()
.catch(error => {
// TODO: real error handling
return Observable.of<Product[]>([]);

this.searchEnabled = true;

// Push a search term into the observable stream.
search(term: string): void {;


if the search wasn’t enable I set up the observable and put the search term into the observable stream 😡 . The ternary operator would only fire the list if I had the search typed so to get always a result list I had to make these changes, so the table would be filled when a search was on and when there was no search.

And the code bellow disables the search and displays all the products available

disableSearch() {
this.searchValue = ”;
this.searchEnabled = false;
this.products = this.productService.getProducts();

I set the searchValue to an empty string and disable the searchEnabled value and getProducts from the Service.




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