Working in PHP

Got a group of friends leaving for the .uk one of them changing PHP for Python…

Money a better life and work challenges… I understand them not having a problem or a challenge and having employers that don’t have a bit of entrepreneurship, don’t have a bit of courage or leverage for taking chances when the time was wright, know leaves them looking at the walls and also my friends thinking… “What the heck was I doing during my life for this guy…”.
So they take their know how and their will and they leave… Leaving the country a bit more poor… The problem is that this also happens in big company’s the ones that have the money to invest and look for new markets!

Other friends now doing a same routine job for a few big company’s, at this time we all can say “At least they have a job.” but does it make sense to keep working on the same thing and not evolving in some direction if they a opportunity? You have always to try and learn something new.
So improving your skills can be of a great way to grow or at least stopping you from going mad.

Having said that, have to say thanks to PHP classes for a new book I’m about to get for a competition I did in last February the result wasn’t a good result at least in terms of classification but the code I would say was very good. This book will be put to a good reading time and testing the new web browser abilities.

PS: This web page may still be trying to transfer data from google analytics…


Sobre Fernando André
SysAdmin, Website and Application Developer

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