Frameworks and Development

Been wanting to write this for a while only got time to do it now…

Frameworks are does kind of things that are supposed to help you do your work, eventually you will realize something during their use… They usually take time to learn and understand how to get around their “problems”. Frameworks bring concepts that usually you already know like Design Patterns, Modularity etc…
Don’t have a problem with this, it’s all good, but I hate when their developers go on releasing code saying,
“we have now some new great feature and code re-design”, sure they do, probably so do you!
Stick to a project for a great deal of time or take a lot of time thinking about it (the application you want to build) and you will place all of those framework ideas into your project.

Basically what I’m saying is… What are we really watching/using frameworks for?
1 – We want them to make our lives easy
2 – Don’t want to have to take much time learning them and all their quirks
3 – Build something in seconds
4 – Great debug capabilities
5 – Develop code that can be reusable by others and by yourself
6 – Integrate a new team/developer into the project without much of a problem just by asking someone
who knows framework (x, y or z )

The rest of the framework if you want to improve increase the capabilities of the project you go into the framework and see what you can get from it.

(then version 3.x or 2.0 of the framework comes out and they say, “your old code isn’t supported anymore”)

And to make it worst you have n² of frameworks in the market to learn and use… Witch framework is best?
You are!


Sobre Fernando André
SysAdmin, Website and Application Developer

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