Zeitgeist Addendum

Who will build your underwater train across continents without getting something in return ?

It’s a bit difficult for me that someone would risk their lives to build that kind of cross continent train,
the rest of the theory’s are “very nice” but also would question in that new “world” there would have
to be leadership and rules in the society and let’s face it. People have problems facing the current
rules on this corrupt system we live in. Humans also have a lot of problems associated to the way
they are educated and to the influences society causes on them leading them in a path of corruption.
There’s to mutch to change so we can reach that utopian world that project venus intends.

The bank leaders and elite’s will eventually suffer the consequences of what they are doing and will
end up possibly in the same place Mussolini did.


Sobre Fernando André
SysAdmin, Website and Application Developer

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