howto ?! howto what ?

Our mailserver in the students network uses diskquota. The diskquota are implemented using filesystem quota. You can inspect your quota with the quota command (see example below). You can also inspect disk usage via your emailclient. Advanced clients let you order your messages by size, to get a quick impression where your megabytes are hanging out. For webmail users, the folder size plugin is installed.

Filesystem quota systems use a soft limit and a hard limit. At the moment, the soft limit is 125 MB, the hard limit 150 MB. When you’re over your soft quota limit, incoming mail will bounce. When you’re over your hard quota limit or when the ‘grace’ period is exceeded (30 days), you can’t use additional disk blocks. As a result, managing mail will become hard if you use preferences like ‘move deleted mail to trash’.

Tantos howto’s e tive de encontrar isto no site de uma faculdade !
Já lá tinha chegado mas foi com testes.


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